FeldmanWasser Attorneys

FeldmanWasser attorneys are dedicated to giving practical and actionable assistance on a variety of legal issues

FeldmanWasser—A reputation for success

Over the years, the law firm of FeldmanWasser has grown from a single attorney to nine, largely on the strength of recommendations from our clients and fellow legal professionals. We put ourselves in your shoes and seek smart resolutions that forward your goals.

We have a proven track record for developing efficient solutions that meet your legal needs whether it’s:

  • Defending you in civil and criminal trials and arguing appeals in federal and state courts;
  • Filing for divorce, seeking child custody, or looking to adopt;
  • Negotiating contracts and labor disputes between employees and employers, satisfying employment and business regulations, or disputing the nature of employee termination or the length of unemployment benefits;
  • Working with multiple parties on a building or other construction project;
  • Defending the position of a government or municipal body, or disputing a government position, including those related to licensing;
  • Protecting your civil rights in the workplace or another setting.

Our attorneys combine decades of experience at all levels of the law and have been recognized for their outstanding work by multiple professional organizations.

If you’re looking for a lawyer, look anywhere.

If you’re looking for a problem-solver, look no further than FeldmanWasser.

Legal Know-How + Common Sense + Hard Work = Most Practical, Cost-Effective Solution

At FeldmanWasser, all work is done as quickly and skillfully as humanly possible. If we’re not skilled in a particular specialized area, we’ll partner with an experienced attorney we trust or refer such counsel to you. Simply put, our promise is to see you receive the highest-quality legal services.

Our fees are based upon several key factors including: complexity of a case, specialized skill required, and amount of time spent. You may be charged a specific pre-set amount (flat fee), a fee per hour of our services, or a percentage of sums recovered for you (contingent fee). Rest assured, we’ll usually discuss fees during our first conference so you’ll know what to expect. Part or all of your legal fees and costs may be tax-deductible. So be sure to ask. And for convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard.