If you're not an ISBA member, you probably haven't read my review of a peer-to-peer cloud storage device.

If you’re not an ISBA member, you probably haven’t read my review of a peer-to-peer cloud storage device.

Carl Draper

Carl Draper

I confess. Sending information to remote servers in the cloud without any guarantee of privacy or confidentiality makes me nervous. So I recently did some research about how to create my own private cloud.

A handful of affordable new devices make this possible even for attorneys like me with only modest computer skills. I recently purchased a device called “The Transporter.” Here’s my review:

My Transporter

The Transporter is a circular pyramid that’s 4 inches in diameter at the base and about 6 inches high. To gain network and internet access, I plugged it into my home router. The private cloud device configures itself and became visible almost immediately.

The thing I like best about The Transporter is that it’s more than a simple backup device. It offers the option of creating synchronized folders so any files you create on one device can be accessed, updated, and saved by your other digital devices.

This testimonial isn’t intended to be an endorsement of The Transporter. And I’m not saying it’s the perfect solution. But overall, I was quite pleased with how it works.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carl R. Draper is a partner at FeldmanWasser in Springfield, Illinois. He practices in the fields of employment and administrative law.