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Construction projects involve serious financial investment for everyone involved. If a dispute arises and lengthy negotiations result, everyone’s financial gain is reduced. That’s why before breaking ground, you should consider having an experienced construction lawyer on your side.

Construction Law Lawyers Howard Feldman and Stan Wasser

Members of Council of the Illinois State Bar Association Construction Law Section, Howard Feldman and Stanley Wasser, are also active members of the Society of Illinois Construction Attorneys

FeldmanWasser construction lawyers can help:

  • Building owners, Homeowners, Construction managers
  • Architects, Design Professionals, Planners and Surveyors
  • Developers and Financial institutions
  • General Contractors, Subcontractors and Material Suppliers

FeldmanWasser construction lawyers handle:

  • Contract, bidding and document preparation
  • Government contracting / Public projects / Prevailing Wage Act issues
  • Bid disputes, contract performance, adhering to plans and delay claims
  • Warranty issues and construction defect claims
  • Mechanic’s liens and payment / Performance bond claims
  • Labor law issues / Construction arbitration and mediation
  • Complying with Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) / Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) / Women-owned Business (WBE) requirements
FeldmanWasser construction law attorneys resolve problems on public and private projects for owners, contractors and subs.

FeldmanWasser construction law attorneys resolve problems on public and private projects for owners, contractors and subs

Investigating a Dispute

If a dispute develops concerning quality of workmanship, materials used, or building plans appropriately followed, we can help. Over the last quarter century, we’ve cultivated excellent working relationships with experts and professionals in the construction industry. So we have the means to evaluate blueprints, conduct inspections, test building materials, and determine whether best practices were followed.

Contact an Experienced Construction Law Attorney

If you’re involved in a construction transaction or have a dispute and require legal representation, you should know FeldmanWasser is recognized nationwide for its construction law acumen. Ask anyone about us. We believe our reputation speaks for itself.