<strong>Howard W. Feldman</strong>
Howard W. FeldmanFounding Partner
Howard Feldman puts people first. That’s why he fought for seven years in the infamous legal trial against the Illinois Department of Transportation, which fired 16 employees for their political […]
<strong>Stanley N. Wasser</strong>
Stanley N. WasserPartner
If there’s one thing Stanley N. “Stan” Wasser wants his construction clients to know, it’s this: “I’m putting myself in their shoes.” Having spent more than 25 years as a highly referred attorney in […]
<strong>Carl R. Draper</strong>
Carl R. DraperPartner
Judges and attorneys throughout Illinois recognize Carl Draper as a leader in administrative law. “I usually know more about an agency’s rules than the agency’s own lawyers know,” he […]
<strong>J. Randall Cox</strong>
J. Randall CoxPartner
For attorney, J. Randall “Randy” Cox, the most important part of legal practice is listening carefully to clients. “I try to determine what the clients’ goals are, and then I ask, ‘Do you want to be really aggressive with […]
<strong>Kelli E. Gordon</strong>
Kelli E. GordonPartner
Clients don’t have to worry about Kelli E. Gordon’s mastery of the nuances of family law. “I’d rather do family law than anything else,” she says. Both a Leading Lawyer® in Family Law and a Super Lawyer in Family Law […]
<strong>Ashley D. Davis</strong>
Ashley D. DavisAssociate
Not many associate attorneys have argued federal jury trials, but early in her career Ashley Dring Davis prosecuted three civil rights cases on behalf of U.S. prison inmates. Such work made her skilled in the […]
<strong>Thomas J. Immel</strong>
Thomas J. ImmelOf Counsel
Tom Immel has more than 45 years of practicing law, with a focus on business law in all its aspects. “I know how to get deals done,” he explains. “I’ve built up a bank of knowledge on how to get from no to yes […]
<strong>Stuart H. Shiffman</strong>
Stuart H. ShiffmanOf Counsel
With 26 years as a circuit court judge and nine years as an Assistant State’s Attorney under his belt, Stuart H. Shiffman delights in tackling complex legal questions for cases appealed to higher courts. His […]